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A fresh and ultimately unique take on vampires!

First, there was Dracula.¬† Well, he wasn’t first, but he was the most well-known. We all know him from the movies mostly, the very first being Nosferatu, the black and white silent of 1922. The first vampire movie, loosely based on the 1897 novel by Irish author Bram Stoker, “Dracula,” which in turn was loosely […]

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Dracula: Left or Right? And Where Twilight Went Wrong

Last week, a friend called me with a great idea for a TV show she wants to pitch to Netflix. She was contacting me because, a) She is a huge fan of my fiction, so she wishes to have me co-write with the scriptwriter for the show, and b) Because of my knowledge of horses […]

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WRITERS: Write a better novel in 5 steps

I like to read self-published¬†authors. However, and unfortunately, I find that at least 85% of what I read doesn’t hold my attention for more than a paragraph, maybe two. Most people will read the very beginning of your book (some will try through a page or more, others may stop at the first sentence). If […]

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