Cat Digs Out of His Own Grave!

Like something out of Stephen King’s novel, Pet Sematary, Bart the cat returned five days after he was “killed” by a car and buried.



Humane Society of Tampa Bay


Around January 20th, 2015 in Tampa, FL, Bart sustained extensive injuries when hit by a car. Thinking him dead, his owner, Ellis Hutson, and a neighbor buried him in his yard. But Bart was not dead. Seriously injured, he clawed his way out of the dirt and reemerged in the yard of neighbor Dusty Albritton.

Albritton says the cat was “dead in a pool of blood and stiff.” But the Humane Society, who are experienced in seeing cats “come back” from severe trauma, explain that most likely Bart was unconscious and then awoke and climbed his way to the surface of the shallow grave, hid for a few days until hunger drove him to seek food at a familiar location; the neighbor’s home. The myth of cats having nine lives ruminated from the cat’s incredible resiliency and ability to recover from serious injury. Bart suffered head trauma, a broken jaw and will lose his left eye. But he is very much alive and was never dead. Inexperienced in detecting vital signs in an animal, Bart’s owner and neighbor erroneous made an assumption that could have caused the cat’s demise even where the car did not.

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Don’t Starve Your Cat!

A cat outside may not be as safe, but at least has a chance of finding food. Don't leave cats trapped inside a house or apartment with no food or water or care.

American Playwright Elmer Rice once said “If nature had intended our skeletons to be visible it would have put them on the outside of our bodies.”

This quote does not have to refer only to humans. And, indeed, it seems in my mind to refer more to animals. In one day, I have read three articles of cats being deliberately starved to death, left in homes ON PURPOSE to die slow and agonizing deaths.

All of these posts are from Florida. I’m sure it’s coincidence, since this sort of terrible cruelty happens here in Connecticut as well as everywhere else (remember the British woman who no longer wanted her cats so she just stopped feeding them?).  But, in reading news from all over the country on pet care and attitudes towards animals, I noticed a trend of news articles on starving cats in Florida and of horses in Texas.

The moral of the following news stories is that none of these cats had to suffer. There is ALWAYS another way, a way to prevent the cruelty. Read on:

What about Justice for the Cats?

You have probably heard by now about Andrea Impey, 30, from Cambridge in England. She is the woman who deliberately let her cats starve to death simply because she no longer wanted them. Her two innocent felines, Tigger and Fluffy, suffered horribly!

Do you know what happens to the body when it is denied proper sustenance? The body, needing energy to keep going literally eats itself! And this is painful and slow. After eating away at fat reserves, the body starts to eat muscle and tissue. By this point, the internal organs are also depleted of energy and nutrients, which begins the process of shutting them down.

All this may not sound like much, but think of the tummy ache you get when you miss a meal. Miss a few and you start to feel weak, dizzy, faint. As your body fights for survival and eats itself, you feel insane, needing to get food so deserately you are almost ready to eat your own limbs! Your innards hurt, you’re intensely thirsty, your head aches and you can barely stand up! You develop diarrhea, anemia, you feel cold, you can’t concentrate, your mental function slows, you may suffer hallucinations and convulsions. And all this can takes weeks, even months–day after day of suffering.

Sound pleasant? I didn’t think so!

Yet, this is what this woman from Cambridge did to her 2 cats–on purpose! What did she get for punishment? The Cambridge Magistrates’ Court banned her from having pets for 5 years!! Call me crazy, but isn’t that what she wanted to begin with? She starved her cats to death because she did not want them anymore! So, how is banning her from having pets any kind of punishment? That’s like suspending a kid because he is skipping school. Isn’t that what he wanted? Not to have to go to school?


Cat in NZ Shot by Neighbor

Abyssinian cat shot

Abyssinian cat shot

“Fur is flying between two Wakatipu [New Zealand] neighbours in high-end rural Speargrass Flat after a $1000 pet cat was shot dead,” writes reporter Russell Blackstock for Mountain Scene, a web site that focuses on news in rural New Zealand.

He continues: ” Former local property developer Ross Allan says his four kids are distraught because their beloved Abyssinian moggy Fred was killed by famed New Zealand landscape artist Peter Beadle ”

Apparently, Beadle thought the cat was a feral stalking his prized Peking ducks. According to him, he shot “above the cat’s head” to scare it away. But the .22 buckshot hit the kitten (less than a year old) in the stomach! The cat ran home and died a day later.

Allan is searching for justice (and finding none), while Beadle is satisfied with his offer to pay the vet bills.

This case and many others, such as the famed Mary Bale incident, bring me to a very important point: The on-going debate over indoor vs. outdoor for pet cats.

I have written several books and numerous articles on the importance of keeping your cats indoors! There is a reason why I am so persistent in my plight to inform and educate the public on why it is NOT cruel to keep cats indoors, and why it is vital for the cat’s health and well being.

In the Mary Bale case; Yes, what she did was unthinkable; she had no right to toss that poor cat into a garbage bin! It was wrong, it was cruel! However…. If the owners had kept their cat indoors this never would have happened.

It is the same in this case, or in the case of the cat shot by the arrow, and many other cases of animals being subject to human cruelty. If these cats were not outdoor cats, they would not have been hurt, killed or thrown in a garbage bin by a stranger.

I am not saying that nothing can happen to cats kept indoors, because let’s face it, life is full of unexpected mishaps. But, most of all indoor-related accidents are generally preventable. You have more control over your cat’s environment and protection when you keep them indoors.

I have found that strays who were abandoned, abused, dumped or otherwise mistreated in some form, once they come into the house of a caring cat person, have little or no desire to go back outside. Moving a cat from one location to another also seems to curb that need for the outdoors. They know they are safe and they feel more comfortable.

But, you respond, isn’t it natural for a cat to be outside in their own environment? No, and here is why: The outdoors are no longer the cat’s “natural” environment. Just like dogs, we have domesticated them and they rely on us. 

Now, I have a horse and board him at whatever facility I can afford at the time, which means we have moved around a bit. Most of your barns have barn cats. I have found little problem with this as long as the cats are fed (it is wrong to assume a cat will hunt more mice if not fed, all it will do is make for a hungry miserable cat), de-wormed (mice and other game that cats eat give the cats parasites such as intestinal worms), de-flea’d (even indoor cats can get fleas, though not as likely unless there’s a pet that goes out and in and is not kept on a de-flea medication such as Frontline) and groomed.

I have run into barn owners who think you just toss a cat or two in the barn and that’s that. They argue that “the cats do just fine.”  But how do they know? Most of the time, people like that have so little knowledge of cats, they would not know if the cat was sick until it was too late. Then they would just assume the cat “died of natural causes” when in truth the cat suffered.

My horse’s veterinarian once said to me “cats are fine until they are not.” Truer words couldn’t have been spoken. Cats are stoic creatures that usually show little signs of illness until it has progressed quite a bit. Unless you truly know the signs, you won’t know the cat is ill until it is either near death or extremely ill.

So, back to the subject. Many people assume cats are happier outdoors. At one time, this was the majority thinking and like most of life’s varying attributes, people have a problem with change. Many people stick to the old ways, whether it is in physical life or in their beliefs.

Thus, at one time it was more popular to keep cats outside (or at the least give them the choice of indoors or out), many have held to the notion that this is what’s best for all cats. And nothing could be farther from the truth.

Cats kept indoors DO need a specific environment to keep them at their best. No one is talking about locking them in a dark room and never letting them out here. They need access to sunlight, they need a place to scratch and climb and run and have fun. Think you don’t have room for all of this in your small house or apartment? Think again. Modification is the key and can be accomodated to any size home.

My book, House Cat, has all the information you need on “bringing the outdoors in” for your cat.

Please Don’t Toss the Cat Out!

It’s making front page news. A woman in Coventry, England is walking along nonchalantly when she comes across a cat standing on a wall near a garbage bin. She pets the cat nicely and the loving feline responds by walking closer – and then the unthinkable (for cat lovers anyway) – the woman scruffs the cat by the back of the neck and tosses it casually into the garbage bin and closes the lid before walking off as if she had done nothing. All of it was caught on the cat owner’s security video tape.

According to, the woman claims to be a cat lover and did it because she “thought it would be funny.” I don’t know about other cat lovers out there, but I did not find it funny in the least. What if the garbage truck had come and taken the bin? What if the cat had ended up in a trash compactor? Cat lovers simply do not do things like this!

Since this video hit the mainstream, the fur has been flying as outraged cat lovers all over the world have sent in a pouring of messages on all media outlets threatening the woman for such a blatant act of uncaring behavior. Now, the news reports, police are keeping a watch on the woman’s house to prevent someone from dumping her in a garbage bin.

So, did the woman even get a fine for doing this? I personally have heard of no such retribution. Perhaps the fear from threats instilled by cat lovers everywhere will have an effect on changing this woman’s sick sense of humor.
The cat, a beautiful Classic Tabby named Lila, was trapped in that garbage bin for almost 16 hours, all night and most of the next day. She must have been frightened, hungry and thirsty. There is nothing funny about that. It is cruel and this woman should certainly get slapped with cruelty charges.

The cat’s owners didn’t not find her until the day got hot and they put down their windows at lunch time. They heard a faint meow and began their search. They found her in the bin, hot, hungry, thirsty and scared.

And what of the owners? Perhaps they should take a lesson about keeping their cat safe indoors? Or get a fine for not noticing their cat had been missing for 16 hours? Neglect, perhaps.

Hopefully, they will all learn a lesson here; keep a close eye on your cat. And for the woman who acted as though she was simply tossing trash, hopefully she will never again do such a “funny” thing.

Cat Found “Marinating” In Man’s Car

This cat was found marinated alive in the trunk of a car

 Sunday night, August 8th, police in Buffalo, NY were doing a routine check when they pulled over 51-year-old Gary Korkuc of Cheektowaga to ticket him for running a stop sign.

What they found in the trunk was 4-year old Navarro, a black and white Tuxedo cat, in a cage and covered with cooking oil and chopped peppers.

When asked his intentions toward the cat, Korkuc responded that the cat had a bad attitude so he planned to cook and eat him.

Korkuc was charged with animal cruelty and Navarro was cleaned up and put up for adoption. He has found a lovely home.

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