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Today’s Book Tour Stop

Next week (Mon thru Friday) will be the last week of my virtual books tour. Today we visited Sharing Links and Wisdom. Monday, we will visit with Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews. Tuesday: Edgar’s Books Wednesday: All the Ups and Downs Thursday: Fabulous and Brunette Friday: Bookschatter Also Friday: Readeropolis Check them out! There’s a […]

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Huge Pre-Order Sale!

  Book three in the Anachronistic Dimensions series comes out on February 28th. For the rest of this month, it will be only NINETY-NINE CENTS! That’s right… only $0.99 on Kindle. On February 28th it will go up to normal price at $2.99, so now is the time to get it. And Book One, Beyond […]

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The Importance of Book Reviews and Using them to Find Good Books

With the pre-release of Book Three in my Anachronistic Dimensions series, (Beyond Broken Glass) I would like to offer to people why book reviews are so important.   I know, it’s a pain the you-know-what… Taking all that time to go to the page of the book you just read, press the button that says […]

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A fresh and ultimately unique take on vampires!

First, there was Dracula.  Well, he wasn’t first, but he was the most well-known. We all know him from the movies mostly, the very first being Nosferatu, the black and white silent of 1922. The first vampire movie, loosely based on the 1897 novel by Irish author Bram Stoker, “Dracula,” which in turn was loosely […]

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I’ve waited my whole life to see “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Ever since I was 11 years old, I obsessed over Freddie Mercury and Queen. To one day think I would be sitting in a movie theatre watching their story was a dream I dared not hope could happen. I only hope one day to see my own books turned into movies, a dream even bigger than seeing Queen’s tale, which was indeed huge for me.

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