Cleopatra’s “true” story is revealed

It’s happening! Kesi, star of the first two “Fate of the True Vampires” series has met and interacted with, Cleopatra. You have certainly heard her name! Cleopatra was the last Queen of Egypt. After her death, the city of Alexandria, where Cleopatra lived, was taken over by Rome.

In this Expanded Special Edition of Sands of Time: Book One Fate of the True Vampires series, Kesi meets Cleopatra and attempts to rule by the queen’s side. As the “original” Queen of the Nile, Kesi feels it is her place to sit by Cleopatra. But, things do not turn out as she had hoped. Cleopatra is obstinate and determined – in ways Kesi never dreamed a human could be. And a Greek ruling Egypt?? Kesi does all she can to dethrone Cleopatra, but not until the queen steals Cleopatra’s man does Kesi decide the fate of the last Queen of Egypt… she must die, but it must appear to be suicide.

If you love vampires, this book is not to be missed. An extraordinarily new take on an old genre. Revisit history as you have never seen it!

Cyber Cat Monday

Join your cat online for a great online auction every Monday and Friday nights featuring animal gifts and products at low prices

It’s Black Friday Weekend (and Cyber Monday) and I still don’t know why it’s called Black Friday! Perhaps because the stores “wake up” in the middle of the night so people can shop in the dark?

In any event, Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping season… ie, hectic! So, save your gas and save time. Shop online. For your cat!

Cyber Monday is also Cyber Cat Day! This is the day you can go to an online auction (yep, a LIVE online auction), bid on extremely nice products at super low prices and get all your shopping done for your animal loving friends and pets at the Animal Lovers 6 Auction, Monday night at 9PM EST.

Some of the great items you will find there? Hand made cat toys, as well as great interactive toys like the original Cat Dancer (activity helps keep cats from becoming obese). You will find fantastic gift items for your animal loving people too. Items so unique you will not find them in a store. Fantastic for that hard-to-buy-for person! Such items include dancing cat picture frames, kids animal winter accessories, beautiful jewelry depicting animals of every kind, pet t-shirts and so much more!

You will also find the one-of-a-kind art of extremely talented wildlife artist Lucie Theroux from Quebec, who will be offering a gift of a custom painting! Imagine the glee on an animal lover’s face when they see a painting custom made by hand in water color from one of the most talented artists on this planet!

So, mark your calendars for EVERY Monday and Friday nights at 9PM for the Animal Lovers auctions!

October is Black Cat Awareness Month

Keep Your Black Cats in through Halloween

Keep Your Black Cats in to Protect Them

It’s that time of year again — ghosts, goblin, vampires, witches…and black cats! Black cats have been associated with Halloween for generations. But why black cats and not other colors?

Back in the middle ages when people believed strongly that witches who cast spells and hexes on your crops and family roamed the earth, and pretty much anyone could be accused, cats were also thrown into the guilty mix.

As for the cat color determining your luck, well, that all depends on where in the world you live. Here are a few facts about cat color and superstitions:

  • In Asia and the U.K., a black cat is considered lucky.
  • Finding a white hair on a black cat brings good luck.
  • In Yorkshire, England, it may be lucky to own a black cat, but it is unlucky have one cross your path.
  • To dream of a black cat is lucky.
  • In North America, it’s considered bad luck if a black cat crosses your path and good luck if a white cat crosses your path. In the U.K., switch the colors, I guess unless you live in Yorkshire.
  • Finding a white hair on a black cat brings good luck.
  • A strange black cat on a porch brings prosperity to the owner. (Scottish Lore)
  • A black cat seen from behind portends a bad omen.
  • If a black cat walks towards you, it brings good fortune, but if it walks away, it takes the good luck with it.
  • If a black cat crosses your path while you’re driving, turn your hat around backwards and mark an X on your windshield to prevent bad luck.
  • To dream of a black cat is lucky.
  • On the other paw, seeing a black cat in your dream indicates that you are experiencing some fear in using your psychic abilities and believing in your intuition.
  • A funeral procession meeting up with a black cat is believed to forecast the death of another family member.
  • In 16th century Italy, people believed that if someone was sick he would die if a black cat lay on his bed.
  • In North America, it’s considered bad luck if a black cat crosses your path and good luck if a white cat crosses your path.
  • I have to say, some of these superstitions leave one to wonder where the mind was of the people who made them up! I mean, why are black cats bad luck in the USA and good luck in the UK? What if you were born in the UK but moved to the USA?

    In any event, if you own a black cat, keep him/her indoors! Especially in October. Believe it or not, there are people out there that will cause harm to black cats this time of year and it is best not to take unnecessary chances.

    Piano Playing Cat


    Nora plays piano

    Her name is Nora and she plays the piano. This doesn’t sound so out of the ordinary, except that Nora is a cat! Yes, a cat. And she really does play piano. She’s pretty good, too, considering she has paws rather than fingers.

    The first time I heard about Nora I was quite skeptical. I expected to see a video of a cat sitting beside a piano-playing human, while pawing aimlessly at some keys. Or at the very most, an overdubbed music track with a feline “pianist” tinkling away in a fashion that only made it appear the feline was playing.

    Just as the Susan Doyle shocker that had jaws dropping all over the world, I think this cat will amaze and astonish. Ok, so she’s no Mozart or Beethoven. But I defy you to find another cat that can hold a tune like Nora.

    Now, apparently this puss was not born a musical virtuoso. It appears she had a natural inclination towards tickling the ol’ ivories with her paws, and in turn her owners used that ability, trained her, and voila! you have a piano cat. The video (click the link to see it) is a great orchestral piece with a video in the background of Nora playing her magic, seeming to blend in with the music. Though there’s some video editing and splicing done in there, and once in awhile you can see the owner’s hand flash a cue to Nora, still…quite amazing…as well as fun to watch and pleasant to listen to.

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