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I’ve waited my whole life to see “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Ever since I was 11 years old, I obsessed over Freddie Mercury and Queen. To one day think I would be sitting in a movie theatre watching their story was a dream I dared not hope could happen. I only hope one day to see my own books turned into movies, a dream even bigger than seeing Queen’s tale, which was indeed huge for me.

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Trying to Market in a Greedy World!

Right now, as I write this it’s 53 degrees (Fahrenheit, for any in the Celsius zones). It’s a drizzly day. Kinda raw, but better than the outrageously cold March we had, after an unusually warm January and February. But, that’s New England for ya. Anyway, I didn’t come here to discuss weather. So, for those […]

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The Day his Purr Stopped

Life has become crazy beyond description, and not in a good way, unfortunately. Well, ok, some things are not horrible, such as my novel¬†Beyond Every Mirror, which is doing ok in sales and getting great reviews. A few missed editing errors cost me a few stars in a couple reviews, but all editing errors have […]

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New Books, Giveaway and Tour

Happy New Year to EVERYONE!!!! ¬†Now that 2017 is upon us, I wanted to write a post on all the fantastic plans I have for this year! This is not something to miss, particularly if you love to read romantic fantasy and win wonderful free prizes!! Sands of Time, Special Edition: Still in the works, […]

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Foster cat has a name

Her name is Pixie. I came about her name by posting to my Facebook account that she needed a name. I was offered many suggestions and most were terrific, but PIxie stuck out. Since this little momma cat is very small, and well, looks Pixi-ish, that became her name. And it suits her. Thank you […]

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Hard to Handle Horse

Never chase a loose horse.

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