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The Frontline Controversy

I have been battling a flea problem in my Connecticut house for the last 8 months. Before this, I had not seen a single flea since Advantage was invented and hit the market. If I saw ONE flea, I treated the cats with Advantage and they were GONE! Then Frontline came out! Frontline took care […]

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Don’t Starve Your Cat!

American Playwright Elmer Rice once said “If nature had intended our skeletons to be visible it would have put them on the outside of our bodies.” This quote does not have to refer only to humans. And, indeed, it seems in my mind to refer more to animals. In one day, I have read three […]

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Rare October Autumn Storm Leaves Cats Cold

November, 11, 2011: October 29, 2011 was an historic date. Winter Storm Alfred, almost two months before the start of winter, dumped various amounts of snow all over the Northeast. From Maryland to Maine, millions lost power as trees, still heavy with leaves, grabbed the dense saturated snow and ripped boughs and branches to the […]

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Winter Storm Alfred Strikes Connecticut Hard!

October 2011: My cats watched out the window as a rare Nor’easter struck us head on and hard here in Connecticut Saturday, October 29th. It was forecast to start as rain but for the most part began as a wet heavy snow around 1pm. During the night, the wet heavy snow built up on the […]

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Freaky Felines

In all my years working with cats in Connecticut shelters, I have seen my share of deformities and anomalies in cats: deaf, blind, no eyes, one eye, three legs, etc.

But the following series is about felines that go beyond the freaky into the twilight zone…

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Cat Cloning and Moral Values

Did you ever think of having your cat cloned? Not long ago, right here in Connecticut I saw a seminar about cloning cats. Yes, they had a closed cat AND kitten with them as a demonstration. It was interesting but I am not sure I agree with the concept. I mean…why clone cats? Oh sure, […]

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What about Justice for the Cats?

You have probably heard by now about Andrea Impey, 30, from Cambridge in England. She is the woman who deliberately let her cats starve to death simply because she no longer wanted them. Her two innocent felines, Tigger and Fluffy, suffered horribly! Do you know what happens to the body when it is denied proper […]

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University uses Cats to De-stress

It is a proven fact that petting a cat can lower blood pressure and stress levels. Now, some colleges and universities are using pet therapy techniques to keep students de-stressed and more able to focus on their studies.So much for party central! Rather than beer and pretzels, students are kissing dogs, petting cats and looking […]

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Cats Abandoned on the Cape

Lesson to be learned: If you are about to go to jail, make sure you have a reliable source to care for your cats! According to the Cape Cod Times,┬áThe New England Society for Abandoned Animals rescued eight cats and kittens (5 of which were newborns) from a cottage in S. Yarmouth when the owner […]

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Snickers the Kitten Freezes to Death in Plane

What an absolutely tragic situation. An 11 week old Sphynx kitten that was being flown from Utah to Bradley International Airport in Connecticut, was left in the cargo hold while the plane was on the ground for an hour, the airplane’s climate control shut off. Eyewitness News reports, “By the time kitten and owner united, […]

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