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The Importance of Book Reviews and Using them to Find Good Books

Written By: chriscat65 - Jan• 02•19

With the pre-release of Book Three in my Anachronistic Dimensions series, (Beyond Broken Glass) I would like to offer to people why book reviews are so important.

Beyond Broken Glass, Pub Date Feb 28


I know, it’s a pain the you-know-what… Taking all that time to go to the page of the book you just read, press the button that says “review” and write how you felt about it.  It’s simple, when you’re on the other side, not to think your little review will matter, but it does! It matters to the author, it matters to other readers, and for several good reasons.

The most important reason authors need book reviews is that they help get books noticed. The more reviews, the more the algorithms “see” it. Amazon’s reviews are extremely important, not only because more people look for books on Amazon than any other site, but because of Amazon’s algorithms, which put top rated books near the top.

Also, readers pay attention to reviews. Take two books in the same category with 20 reviews as an example: If one book has ten 5-star reviews, three 4-star and maybe a one or two star, wouldn’t you be more likely to buy that book than the one with, for instance, two 5-stars, three 3-star, four 2-star and a one-star?

Then, of course, there’s the content of the reviews to consider. Granted, most average readers don’t want to get into an entire synopsis of the book, and they don’t need to. I believe this is what prevents many readers from leaving reviews… Not wanting to write a “book” on a book. But, the fact is, it’s mostly the star rating that matters and a few words describing why you gave that rating. A star rating and three or four words should be doable for anyone. If you give a book 5 stars, you can write something like, “Loved this book… I couldn’t put it down!” (which, by the way, is part of a review from my novel, Beyond a Veiled Reflection). It need take no more than a few seconds of your time.

On behalf of all authors, please offer a review when you are done reading their book, whether you loved it or hated it. Of course, authors prefer all the 5-star reviews, but in all honesty, many readers feel reviews are bought or fake when a book receives only 5 stars.

General (for example) Rules for Novel Star Reviews (on sites like Amazon, who offer up to 5 stars):

  • FIVE STARS: You absolutely loved it, felt deep emotions toward, and couldn’t put down.
  • FOUR STARS: You loved it, but felt some of it dragged a bit (or another various reason)
  • THREE STARS: You liked it, it kept your interest, but could have been better (reasons vary).
  • TWO STARS: You didn’t like it, maybe couldn’t finish it, but didn’t hate it enough to give it one star.
  • ONE STAR: You hated it, plain and simple. For whatever reason (these are useful to offer a good reason, for the benefit of other readers)

I have received 4 stars on reviews where the reviewer bragged on and on about how much they loved the book. From the review, not one thing was mentioned that warranted giving the book less than 5 stars. I never understood that. For some reason, some reviewers refuse to give 5 stars, no matter how much they love a book.


In News on Book Three: Right now it is at $1.99 per-order for a limited time only. So, get books one and two read if you have them (or want them) and prepare for book three on Feb 28th!

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