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The Frontline Controversy

Written By: chriscat65 - Jan• 19•12

I have been battling a flea problem in my Connecticut house for the last 8 months. Before this, I had not seen a single flea since Advantage was invented and hit the market. If I saw ONE flea, I treated the cats with Advantage and they were GONE!

Then Frontline came out! Frontline took care of fleas AND ticks and became extremely popular. At the time, we had one cat that came in and out, and we had dogs. So we switched to Frontline. Never saw a flea.

As time went on we had only one dog going in and out, and only she was getting flea treatment regularly. The cats had no fleas for many years.

Then, about 8 months ago, my cat Jake started losing fur and developing scabs. It had been so long since we had had any fleas, the thought of flea allergy dermatitis never even crossed my mind. But, a trip to the vet confirmed it.

That was the beginning of the battle.

I did what I had done years ago; bought Frontline and treated everyone. Nothing happened. The fleas didn’t even go away. I heard about this problem happening everywhere. People started to say that the fleas have developed an immunity to Frontline.


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  1. maychy says:

    i use it on my cat tiger

  2. Are ticks actually a problem for you? Otherwise it might be best to go back to Advantage.

  3. chriscat65 says:

    My cats don’t go outside so ticks are not an issue. I did go to Advantage, however, since the Frontline stopped working. The fleas are gone now thanks to Advantage.

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