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New Pregnant Foster Needs a Name

Written By: chriscat65 - Nov• 02•10
New Cat

She needs a name

So my friend Kristin brought me a new cat yesterday. She has no name yet and I am taking suggestions. She is very shy. She likes to stay hidden in her carrier or under something. Right now she is on medication for upper respiratory and worms. To get even this one photo I had to open the door of the foster room carefully and she started to walk curiosly towards the door. Otherwise, when I step in the room she runs into her carrier, which I leave for her to feel comfortable.

She is a very small girl, maybe 5 or 6┬ápounds. I don’t think she is very far along in her pregnancy because she doesn’t have that balloon appearance to her yet.

I don’t know her story yet but when I get it I will post it. If anyone wants to suggest names, please feel free. I will take all names into consideration.


More photos of her to come.

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