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Adoptions at PetSmart

Written By: chriscat65 - Sep• 29•10

PetSmart in Manchester, CT is hosting cat adoptions again. Awhile ago, PetSmart stores all over held cats from the Humane Society of CT, but they eventually moved out of the PetSmart buildings. The Manchester, CT cages sat empty for a long time. Now, local shelters are using the cages to put up their cats and kittens, at least in the Manchester PetSmart located at 1520 Pleasant Valley Rd.


Misha is available for adoption


Misha is one of the many cats available for adoption in PetSmart in Manchester. Though she is not in her cage every day, pictures and information are kept there for anyone to view. Phone numbers and all information are also available so you can easily set up a time and day to see Misha for possible adoption. There are also kittens and several young cats available through shelters such as Kitty Angels of Coventry and the Queenie Foundation.

Misha was found pregnant living under someone’s porch last winter. After having her babies in May (all 4 have been adopted), Misha now finds herself homeless once again. She is staying with a foster family right now, but this arrangement is only temporary. Misha must find a permanent forever home.

She is a sweet cat who loves to purr, rub against your hand and cuddle. She is shy at first, but comes around quickly. She is great with other cats (matter of fact she wants to love everyone by rubbing against any cat she comes across), good with children as long as they are not loud or rambunctious and is neutral to dogs (quiet dogs). And she loves everyone once her moment of shyness wears off. She loves scritches behind the ears.

Misha is spayed now, so no more kittens for her. The adoption cost for her includes her spaying, shots and tests (she has been tested for Feline Leukemia and is negative). Misha is only about a year and a half old and is very playful. She should be at the store personally on weekends.

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