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Please Don’t Toss the Cat Out!

Written By: chriscat65 - Aug• 26•10

It’s making front page news. A woman in Coventry, England is walking along nonchalantly when she comes across a cat standing on a wall near a garbage bin. She pets the cat nicely and the loving feline responds by walking closer – and then the unthinkable (for cat lovers anyway) – the woman scruffs the cat by the back of the neck and tosses it casually into the garbage bin and closes the lid before walking off as if she had done nothing. All of it was caught on the cat owner’s security video tape.

According to, the woman claims to be a cat lover and did it because she “thought it would be funny.” I don’t know about other cat lovers out there, but I did not find it funny in the least. What if the garbage truck had come and taken the bin? What if the cat had ended up in a trash compactor? Cat lovers simply do not do things like this!

Since this video hit the mainstream, the fur has been flying as outraged cat lovers all over the world have sent in a pouring of messages on all media outlets threatening the woman for such a blatant act of uncaring behavior. Now, the news reports, police are keeping a watch on the woman’s house to prevent someone from dumping her in a garbage bin.

So, did the woman even get a fine for doing this? I personally have heard of no such retribution. Perhaps the fear from threats instilled by cat lovers everywhere will have an effect on changing this woman’s sick sense of humor.
The cat, a beautiful Classic Tabby named Lila, was trapped in that garbage bin for almost 16 hours, all night and most of the next day. She must have been frightened, hungry and thirsty. There is nothing funny about that. It is cruel and this woman should certainly get slapped with cruelty charges.

The cat’s owners didn’t not find her until the day got hot and they put down their windows at lunch time. They heard a faint meow and began their search. They found her in the bin, hot, hungry, thirsty and scared.

And what of the owners? Perhaps they should take a lesson about keeping their cat safe indoors? Or get a fine for not noticing their cat had been missing for 16 hours? Neglect, perhaps.

Hopefully, they will all learn a lesson here; keep a close eye on your cat. And for the woman who acted as though she was simply tossing trash, hopefully she will never again do such a “funny” thing.

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