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In Memory of Macy

Written By: chriscat65 - Jun• 05•10
Macy died as a result of being given up

Macy was a sweet wonderful cat

I hope this article makes it to Macy’s original owner. Maybe that sounds cruel to some, but somewhere along the line, someone must learn the truth about “throwing away” their cats.

Macy came to me direct from his “original owner” (I hate that term since it makes him sound like an inanimate object, and he was anything but), along with his sister, Siara. Both were about 3 years old.

She gave them up because she took in a roommate who was allergic to cats. She convinced herself giving them to a cat shelter with a no kill policy was the absolute best thing. The Humane Society would just put them down, she justified to herself.

A lot of people “justify” giving up their pets for this reason. It’s no longer their problem if they give the animal away to a shelter. Right? Wrong! Shelters are over-loaded, especially no-kill shelters, with these “justified throw-aways.” They cannot take any more, which leaves the “kill” shelters or dumping them on the street, or leaving them behind in an apartment or house, or packing them up like trash and leaving them on the step of a known cat lover. Or, as some do, simply throwing them away, literally.

In any event, Macy and Siara came to me as foster cats. They were siblings and Siara (calico female) was shy, but she came out after a bit as her brother, Macy (orange and white) was so friendly and loving. 

And they did indeed find a home… a “perfect” home so it seemed. The young couple had been together a long time, they had other cats, they loved cats. But, when they broke up shortly after they adopted Macy, Siara and a third kitten, the cats were moved around until they finally found their way back to the shelter. But, Macy by this time was ill, thin and dehydrated. So many moves had taken their toll. He had been “given up” one too many times. He passed away shortly thereafter.

When I heard the news I cried. I am taking Siara back as a foster, as she is not doing well at the shelter without her brother. She will stay at my boyfriend’s house (as I am full right now with fosters) where she can get home care. Macy was one of the nicest cats I had ever known. He will be very missed.

But I worry now. I worry for Siara. Can she take yet another move to another home? Her brother couldn’t. Foster cats, shelter cats, cats “justifiably given up”… they move around fairly frequently. Sometimes too frequently, and they become exposed to many things. They become depressed and they sometimes die. All because someone did not take the time to find a roommate who did not have allergies to cats.

So, if you ever get in a situation where you “need” to give up your cat(s), don’t think just because you sent them off to a no-kill shelter, that life will be roses for them. You might be sending them to more stress than you are going through, you might be sending them to their death!

*Ask a shelter to help you find a way to keep your cats!*

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