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Written By: chriscat65 - May• 16•10

No, it’s not one of those fuzzy little creatures from Star Wars.

It’s a ten day old kitten, born here on May 3rd… This little grey and white is one of 4 babies born to a “throw-away” mother cat, named Misha. She is a gorgeous long haired grey and white and for the life of me I cannot figure out why anyone would give her up. She is very sweet, quiet and loving, with a soft purr that could soothe an ogre on a bad day.

Misha is already adopted and will go to her permanent home once the kittens are ready to go. All of them are fosters in my home and will be adopted out through Kitty Angels at the end of June.

It’s too soon to tell if these beauties are long hair like their mom, or short. But I believe it will be a mixed pot. There are two black and white girl, an unusually marked tiger and white male and the maleĀ “ewok” grey and white pictured. Please contact Kitty Angels for more information on these babies. (One of the black and white females is going to stay, I am just not sure yet which one).

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