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Update on momma and kittens

Written By: chriscat65 - Apr• 05•10


Today, I brought Pricilla and the babies (who are now three weeks old) to the vet, and Ringo too.
They had to go up to Suffield, which is a good half hour from home, since that is the
shelter’s vet for shots, tests, etc. Poor Ringo got car sick on the way up, but
fortunately I had brought a towel.  They brought the carrier with Pricilla and her trio of cuties in first.  I waited, playing with my phone, and when she brought them back out, she apologized for taking so long and stated that everyone just had to play with the kittens. How can one result such perfection of cuteness? Three-week old kittens are extremely hard to resist.

In other news, I have a fairly new foster named Scott. I call him Scotty. He was sent to me for rehabilitation. Apparently he was abused
and quite mean. However, I found that when he is not in a cage or irritated by other cats (or people with excess petting or rough handling), he is fine. I have learned to simply read his body language very seriously.
loves to be pet, he simply gets hyper sensitive and
I believe what happened is that no one who handled him
ever really knew how! They would pet him until his hyper sensitivity set in and he would bite or scratch to get them to stop. They would take this as a sign of
aggression and punish him in some way, which put him in defense mode. I simply read his body language, which is quite obvious, and stop petting him before he
has a chance to get agitated. 

If you have a cat who bites or scratches, this is the
method to take. Learn to read the cat’s body language. And, for goodness sake, DON’T ever hit an aggressive cat!

Ringo was a barn cat. He was adopted by a boarder at the barn where my horse lives. He and his friend George loved to play in the indoor
arena, which spooked some horses as people rode. So, rather than face a possible liability the owner chose to give them up. A boarder took George. I took Ringo to adopt out. I wanted to keep him as he is the friendliest, sweetest cat. But,
alas, my living situation makes this impossible. Ringo is a beautiful grey mackerel tabby with the most striking markings! When he was a kitten he was hit by a car, which broke his hip on
the left side. It was never fixed and healed wrong so he walks with a bit of a limp, but it does not hinder him in any way. He is 10 months old now, and has all the love anyone could want in a cat and all the playfulness anyone could want in a kitten. Ringo needs a special diet with low magnesium only (he is on Sience Diet, which is highly recommended by shelters
and vets), because he has had urinary problems as a kitten. As long as he stays on his diet, he is fine. I once had a cat with the same issues and he lived 10 years without another incident once he was on a low magnesium diet.

For more information on these wonderful cats, please contact me, or call Kitty Angels of Connecticut (located in Coventry).

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