Fosters & Lost and Pound Pets on Ch. 3

Scotty is doing very well. As a matter of fact, he is ready to be adopted. I have had several people in petting him and even picking him up with no hissing, no scratching, no biting… only purrs and wanting more pets. He has become quite the amazing love. So, Scotty is now looking for a new home. He has to be either an only-cat or with a less dominant
cat. He gets along well with my non-aggressive and over-friendly cat, Jake. He can also not going into a home with young children, and preferably no dogs.
Stress tends to revert him back to his wild state, but as long as he has plenty of alone time and only gentle pets, he is just fantastic. He sleeps between my boyfriend and I like a child who needs to be with his parents.

Scotty was a throw-away. He was a pet, but the woman who had him and several others tossed him when her house was foreclosed on. He became so wild, the vets who neutered him tipped his ear to mark him feral. But he is anything but. He was just misunderstood. If you know anyone
interested in Scotty, please contact Kitty Angels of Connecticut.

On an unrelated note,
Eyewitness 3 has a site called Eyewitness Pets. The site focuses on lost and found pets and offers news pertaining to pets around Connecticut. Check it out!

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