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Written By: chriscat65 - Mar• 02•10

Feral Victoria is making progress

I moved the new foster kitten’s cage into the spare bedroom last night. For now, it has become the foster cat room. My two foster siblings, Macy and Siara, have been lving in there over two weeks now. At first, I was a bit worried how they would take to her, as Macy tends to hiss at other cats (even those making nice as my Jake did when they first arrived) and Siara tends to go back into hiding. I finally got Siara to totally trust me and not dash under the bed when the door opens. Taking naps in the room really helped. Now Macy and Siara both sleep on the bed with me. These two are ready to find a permanent home together.

Victoria is much more feral and shy, however. But she has youth on her side. I left her in her cage last night, so they could all get accustomed to one another through the bars. I know she has been playing in there because the toys are all in her bed with her come morning. Since she has been allowing me to hold her and pet her (after hiss fits that are all show and no go), I decided to ry an experiment tonight. I opened the cage door, and after getting her to relax with lots of pets and scritches, allowed her to come out. At first, she slunk around the room with her belly to the floor.  But her tail was not between her legs, which was a good sign. Macy watched her carefully. Siara was oblivious, remaining comfortably lounged on the soft fleece blanket on the bed. So far so good.

A couple of times she came nose to nose with Macy and once he did hiss at her. I feared this would facilitate the same reaction in her, but she just walked away, allowing him to maintain the façade of King of the Foster Room. As she explored, her stance slowly straighened and her demeanor became more relaxed. Macy only hissed at her one more time. Again, she did not seem phased. Instead, she waggled her tail in a mock act of spraying to let him know she could be Queen if he wants to think he is King. He was not phased!

A few times she slipped behind the bureau or the desk and I feared I wouldn’t be able to get her out without trauma as she tends to become quite feral when loose. As I drew closer to her she would slink back, but she did not hiss, and that is tremendous progress. I was able to finally get her in a position to pick her up without incident and she purred and cuddled into my arms. And when I put her back in her cage for the night, she rolled onto her back and kneaded the air. Yes, we are definitely making progress.

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