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Momma Cat

Written By: chriscat65 - Mar• 26•10

Momma and kittens found in shed.

Ok… I received from the shelter a mother cat and her three 10-day old kittens the other day. She was found in a shed. At first, the girl who took them grabbed only the kittens and not the mother. I heard that she had said the mother was “feral and out of milk.” I was asked to care for and bottle feed the babies. The next day I was called to pick up “the three kittens and the mother cat.”   I don’t know the whole story, just that the mother cat is NOT even close to feral and is a very good mother with plenty of milk!   In any event, I am so glad the mother was grabbed as well…finally. If people are going to take care to rescue small kittens, it’s vital to get the mother at the same time. From what I heard she was screaming and looking everywhere for her babies.

The mother cat (whom I have named Pricilla) was wearing a flea collar, which I removed as it was a tad tight and she no longer needs (and shouldn’t have with little ones on her). I assume someone owned this cat, unspayed and outside, and allowed to get pregnant, and when it was time to give birth she went off and found a safe locale. Fortunately, she was found and brought to the right people. She will get a full check up and shots and spaying after the kittens are weaned. And she will remain an indoor cat where she loves to get hugs and kisses from people. The kittens will never know the rigors and dangers she has seen.

Today, the three babies and momma cat are doing great. For now they live in my “spare” bedroom. All three kittens’ eyes are just opened, which means they are approximately 2 weeks old now. They are starting to crawl around and explore a bit. But momma keeps them in check. Last night a friend of mine had two of the babies in her lap when one cried. Pricilla jumped up on the bed, grabbed the kitten and brought he into the “nest” to nurse. My friend and I were laughing. It was just the cutest thing!

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