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Piano Playing Cat

Written By: chriscat65 - Feb• 16•10

Nora plays piano

Her name is Nora and she plays the best digital piano. This doesn’t sound so out of the ordinary, except that Nora is a cat! Yes, a cat. And she really does play piano. She’s pretty good, too, considering she has paws rather than fingers.

The first time I heard about Nora I was quite skeptical. I expected to see a video of a cat sitting beside a piano-playing human, while pawing aimlessly at some keys. Or at the very most, an overdubbed music track with a feline “pianist” tinkling away in a fashion that only made it appear the feline was playing.

Just as the Susan Doyle shocker that had jaws dropping all over the world, I think this cat will amaze and astonish. Ok, so she’s no Mozart or Beethoven. But I defy you to find another cat that can hold a tune like Nora.

Now, apparently this puss was not born a musical virtuoso. It appears she had a natural inclination towards tickling the ol’ ivories with her paws, and in turn her owners used that ability, trained her, and voila! you have a piano cat. The video (click the link to see it) is a great orchestral piece with a video in the background of Nora playing her magic, seeming to blend in with the music. Though there’s some video editing and splicing done in there, and once in awhile you can see the owner’s hand flash a cue to Nora, still…quite amazing…as well as fun to watch and pleasant to listen to.

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